4020 AC 5 Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine

AC 5 Axis Waterjet Cutting Angle Can Reach ±68°, C Axis Can Be 360° Rotation.



AC 5 Axis Water Jet Cutting Machine

WINWIN company supports color customization, this equipment is WW40jet intensifier pump + 4020 AC 5 cutting table, full stainless steel protective structure, good protection, no rust, oil immersed structure, long service life of ball screw and linear guide, fully aluminum alloy cutting head, light weight, reduce the load of the cutting table, AC 5 axis head, cutting angle can reach ±68°, C axis can be 360° rotation.


Gantry Type Cutting Table

The cutting table adopts an Oil-Immersed structure to reduce the wear of the lead screw and the slider. It has a long service life, a full-protection structure and better sealing. The use of stainless steel materials prevents metal corrosion. It is as new for ten years.

Swing Angle ±68°, Absolute Encoder Control System

AC cutting head is equipped with high quality hardware, swing Angle can reach ±68°, equipped with Weihong system and servo motor, high precision, accurate calculation, with altimetry system, first choice waterjet equipment for cutting large Angle parts.

Cutting With Win-Win's Abrasive Garnet

Waterjet abrasive garnet is widely used in abrasive waterjet cutting machines. The abrasive garnet by WIN-WIN is high-end which can increase the cutting speed. And in the same time, it can cut thick materials by using 80 mesh garnet.  The abrasive garnet  is added in the application of water jet, the section is smooth, the accuracy is also improved, and there is no limit on the thickness of the plate. 

WW5060JET Intensifier Pump

WW5060JET intensifier pump is highly versatile intensifier pump, American imported core components, Sandvik high pressure pipelines,Omron PLC electrical components. This pump is a basic, economic intensifier pump, widely used in the market, large wearing parts seller, simple to use, the pressure can be up to 330Mpa, often used in marble cutting, metal cutting, glass cutting, rubber cutting and other industries.

WEIHONG CNC Control System

Weihong waterjet cutting system is a high comprehensive evaluation of water cutting system, easy to operate, stable program control, Weihong system has its own drawing software, compatible with CAD/CAM/DXF/G, with standard USB interface, network cable port and other common ports, power, sand and other unexpected faults caused by shutdown, can continue cutting at the breakpoint after starting up, cutting time estimation, in the case of simulating cutting a variety of graphics cutting, can arrange the sequence of cutting, multi-starting point cutting, Nc Studio software can be installed on the user’s computer for installation and learning.


The auto abrasive delivery system continuously supplies abrasive to the abrasive regulator tank on the cutter head by the large abrasive tank.Without any electrical components, it is free of maintenance, zero defects. Reasonable design, make this large-capacity abrasive tank cut 8-10 hours without interruption.