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Manufacturing, Robotics, Waterjet

Tech-Con Automation Our client, a leading global supplier of automotive components and systems, required an increase in production volumes in contour cutting of automotive interior components including periphery, holes and various geometries.
Our team's approach, incorporating FLOW International UHP equipment, was to design, manufacture, assemble, test and install our Quad Robot Waterjet cutting cell for....

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Robot Waterjet Cell

Tech-Con Automation Tech-Con Automation helps automotive customer in cutting carpets to increase accuracy. A Tech-Con Automation client is a automotive carpet manufacturer that needed a method to cut the carpet into appropriate shapes in a way that was fast, accurate, and reduced waste. Our team combined four (4) Motoman HP-20 robots in an inverted position fitted with UHP hardware to solve the customer's nee....

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Fedtech - Waterjet cut Gears

waterjet cut alloy
Fedtech runs twelve waterjet systems with total engineering capability and full CAD/CAM capability for any custom machining application. Each station is equipped with multiple cutting heads, dramatically enhancing the effectiveness of our process. Waterjet cutting also allows us to process a variety of materials while holding tolerances as close as +/- .003". This unique....

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