Fedtech - Waterjet cut Gears

Fedtech - Waterjet Cut Gears

waterjet cut alloy

Fedtech runs twelve waterjet systems with total engineering capability and full CAD/CAM capability for any custom machining application. Each station is equipped with multiple cutting heads, dramatically enhancing the effectiveness of our process. Waterjet cutting also allows us to process a variety of materials while holding tolerances as close as +/- .003". This unique process allows tighter nesting of parts, thus saving material costs. We are also able to process materials reaching twelve inches thick.

The Project

A recently completed project that provided a tough challange, We used abrasive waterjet cutting to machine an extremely tough material. The goal here was to process the 3" thick 4340 alloy heat treated to a 40 rockwell. The 2-axis Waterjet cutting job was a challenge, as the material had been heat treated prior to being delivered to Fedtech. Desopite the heat treatment we were still able to remove the sections of the gear that the customer needed removed by using our waterjet cutting expertise.

It's good to have difficult projects like this to keep our engineers sharp with their skills. The large alloy heat treated gears were the perfect project for Fedtech to do so. From this tough project, we learned there really isn't much that we can't cut with waterjet cutting!


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